CAP-ACP seeks input on mismatch repair IHC use
November 17 2010

National Survey on Mismatch Repair Immunohistochemistry Use by Canadian Pathologists/ Enquête nationale sur l’utilisation par les pathologistes canadiens des essais d’immunohistochimie de la réparation des mésappariements

Motivation/Rationale: The CAP-ACP National Standards Committee is conducting a survey to determine current use of mismatch repair immunohistochemistry among Canadian pathologists. Knowledge of this will allow us to assess what training programmes and proficiency testing should be instituted prior to introducing these markers as Type II tests. Work from this survey will be presented at the next CAP-ACP Annual Meeting to ensure you are informed of all developments.

Who Should Do This Survey: Pathologists actively practising in Canada. Even if you do not use mismatch repair antibodies, it is important to establish an accurate reflection of how widespread use of these markers is and what current education levels and attitudes are. We look forward to hearing from you.

Deadline: The survey will be available until 20 December 2010.

English version: Click this link to take survey

French version: Cliquez ici pour répondre au sondage

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