1. Process for Guideline Development
  2. Guidelines for a Phlebotomy Chair
  3. The Retention and Use of Human Biologic Material
  4. Conflict of Interest
    This guideline is currently under review - August 2005

  5. Professionalism and Ethics
  6. CAP Position Statement on Pathologists’ Assistants
  7. Guidelines for Laboratory Physicians acting as Directors of Laboratories without an onsite Pathologist.
  8. Policy Statement and Guidelines for Ethical Use of Human Tissue in Research. 44kb (in Acrobat Reader format)
  9. Medical Directors of Laboratories, Responsibilities and Role.
  10. Code of Ethics for Storage and Transmission of Electronic Laboratory Data
  11. Protocols and Checklists for Cancer Specimens
  12. CSC2 Guidelines - can be found in the CSC section
  13. CAP Position Statement on Medical Informatics
  14. NCIC Clinical Trials Group Tumour/Data Bank 176kb (in Acrobat Reader format)
  15. A Guide to the Autopsy 28kb (in Acrobat Reader format) (revised 17/05/05)
  16. EGFR - Best Practice Standards for EGFR  Testing in Colorectal Cancer in Canada 169kb (in Acrobat Reader format)
    R-EGF - Normes relatives au meilleurs pratiques concernant la détection du R-EGF dans le cadre du traitement du cancer colorectal au Canada 173kb (en format Acrobat Reader)
  17. CAP-ACP Clinical Immunohistochemistry Checklists: Part I and Part II
  18. Listes de verification de l'immunohistochimie clinique du CAP-ACP: Partie I et Partie II
  19. Workload Measurement Guidelines
  20.  Classification of Benign Polyps -- Pathology working Group, national Colorectal Cancer Screening Network (in Acrobat Reader format) (in Acrobat Reader format) 
  21. Interim Guidelines for the Investigation of Alleged Irregularities in Surgical Pathology Practice 
  22. Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans
  23. Telepathology Guidelines

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