To advocate for the health of our planet and to educate pathologists, pathologists' assistants, physicians and the public about environmental issues in the laboratory and outside, and how these affect our health.


  • CAP-ACP Environment NSN Webinar and Green Lab Award Winner Presentation
    April, 2023, TBA

    Followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Section and the Environment NSN


Additional suggestions for a green laboratory with examples of solutions:

(Note that the CAP-ACP does not formally endorse any companies.)
  • Recycle specimen containers.
  • Recycle general waste in offices and lunchrooms.
  • Ban plastic water bottles, paper cups and plastic cutlery from social events.
  • Use electronic documents, and have paperless meetings.
  • Green commute by walking, cycling and using public transport.
  • Tele- and web conference rather than travel.
  • Reducing the Environmental Impact of Clinical Laboratories.
    • A great paper listing ways to reduce environmental impact of clinical laboratories
    • Lopez, J. B., Jackson, D., Gammie, A., & Badrick, T. (2017). Reducing the Environmental Impact of Clinical Laboratories. The Clinical biochemist. Reviews38(1), 3–11.

Suggestions to make meetings more sustainable and eco-friendly:

  • Encourage carbon offsetting flights.
  • Air Canada offers 10% discount if you register an event with them. Attendees could consider paying for carbon offset with their savings.
  • Ask attendees to bring lanyards from previous conferences.
  • Provide sustainable swag/gift, such as:
    • A water bottle and bamboo cutlery set that attendees keep, instead of providing plastic water bottles or plastic cutlery
    • A small seedling
    • Serve local food at events.
    • Reduce meat options.
    • Avoid bag lunches in disposable containers.
  • Avoid disposable food wrapping.
  • For refreshment services, provide:
    • Mugs instead of disposable cups
    • Glasses for water instead of plastic water bottles
    • Milk and cream in jugs instead of those little throwaways
    • Metal spoons for stirring




Carbon Offsetting


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