Section of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

Mission Statement
The section of Evidence Based Medicine will adopt and disseminate evidence based medicine methods and practices into diagnostic pathology, and related clinico-pathologic and translational research .

Goals and Objectives

  1. Advocate for Evidence Based practices both within the Canadian Association of Pathologists/Association Canadienne des Pathologistes (CAP-ACP) and with external organizations including the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  2. Strengthen pathology practice in Canada, and improve patient and societal outcomes, by providing the means to assess and integrate best evidence with professional expertise.
  3. Provide CAP-wide forum for evidence based medicine learning, presentation of research, exchange of ideas, and discussion of issues unique to pathology.
  4. Promote formal CME and post-graduate training in Evidence Based Medicine methods that are directly applicable to pathology, such as diagnostic accuracy, predictive and prognostic markers evaluation.

The ordinary members of the CAP-ACP listed below propose the creation of a Section of Evidence Based Medicine at the Canadian Association of Pathologists/Association Canadienne des Pathologistes.

The proposed executive officers for the Section of Evidence Based Medicine are:

  1. Chair: Alice Lytwyn
  2. Vice-Chair: Nickolas Myles
  3. Secretary: Miranda Schell

Founding Members (written support obtained by signature and e-mail)

  • Michael Bonert – McMaster University
  • David Driman – Western University
  • Gabor Fischer – University of Manitoba
  • James Fergall Magee – University of Saskatoon
  • Avrum Ostry - University of British Columbia
  • Snezana Popovic- McMaster University
  • Catherine Ross - McMaster University
  • Michael Seidman - University of British Columbia
  • Monalisa Sur - McMaster University
  • Dominique Trudel – Université de Montréal
  • Dmitry Turbin - University of British Columbia
  • Wei Xiong - University of British Columbia
  • Viktor Zherebitsky – University of Manitoba

Access the EBM Bylaws here.

- last updated August 2017 -