CAP-ACP Annual Scientific Meeting – July 7-9, 2023

Presentation Details: 

  • Abstracts will be considered for either virtual poster, oral presentation or both. If accepted, presenter will be made aware of presentation type and given detailed instructions on how to self record (trainee vs regular participant). 
  • There is no restriction on the number of abstracts an individual can submit.
  • Tips for Writing an Abstract
  • Review the guidelines below before submitting your abstract.

General Guidelines & Instructions :

  • Abstracts must be submitted using the website submission form. Failure to submit an electronic version will result in rejection.
  • Abstracts submitted to the CAP-ACP Academic Sessions will be peer-reviewed for scientific quality and merit. Submitted abstracts must meet certain criteria and be submitted in proper form for acceptance. Failure to meet the criteria and follow the required format may result in request for abstract resubmission or rejection of abstract.
  • Abstracts, if accepted and presented during the CAP-ACP Academic Sessions, will be published in the Canadian Journal of Pathology. (We encourage you to submit your full manuscript for consideration.)
  • The abstract may be written in English or French; either language may be used for the presentation.
  • Abstracts must be clear, concise and have good grammatical form. Avoid superfluous words.
  • No advertising or company logos may be used.
  • The data may not have been previously published in a copyrighted journal or peer reviewed publication.
  • Technical information pertaining to the observations and conclusions cannot be withheld for proprietary reasons.

Abstracts will be automatically rejected if they do not meet the following criteria:

  • Title: to be formatted in sentence case (capitalize first word and remaining words begin in lower case). Provide a succinct title. Ideally, the title should contain a reference to the study design.
  • Authors/Affiliations: Underline the name and initials of the presenter
    Anne L. SmithaRobert G. Jonesa,b
    a Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON; 
    b Department of Pathology, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, AB.
  • Length: (not including title, authors and affiliations, keywords), 250 words (Deduct 50 for each table or graphic)
  • Tables/Figures: Maximum of 2 within the abstract. Tables may not exceed 6 columns.
  • Structure:
    • Objective: of the study
    • Method(s): where pertinent
    • Data and results: Expressed in SI units
    • Conclusions: It is not satisfactory to state “The results will be discussed”
  • Keywords: Maximum 5 keywords.


- last updated March 2023 -