The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) reports to the Annual Meeting Committee and has a variety of specific duties as delegated by that Committee.  These responsibilities include:

  • To select an invited speaker and topic for the Cam Coady Slide Seminar
  • In conjunction with Events and Management, to choose and organize an appropriate theme and site for the CAP-ACP Banquet and make arrangements for the President’s Welcoming Reception, on Sunday evening.
  • In conjunction with the CAP-ACP Resource Development Chair, to solicit local/regional organizations and industry partners for sponsorship/funding, with emphasis on specific support for the Pathologist Assistants Program and the Resident Section Symposium.
  • To nominate a medical laboratory technologist for the Medical Technologist/Technician Award for Continuing Professional Development
  • The LOC may organize one new workshop, developed by local pathologists, under the advice of the CPD Chair.
  • The LOC Chair participates in the monthly teleconference of the Annual Meetings Committee
  • The LOC Chair is a member of the Awards Committee and participates in 2-3 teleconferences per year

LOC Membership

  • LOC Chair (chosen by the AMC, with review and approval by CAP-ACP Executive). The LOC Chair appoints the following LOC members who should be working within the city of the annual meeting or the surrounding area:
    • Pathologists (2-5)
    • Residents/Fellows (AP, GP, and/or Hematopathology) (2)
    • Pathologist Assistant (1)

Overview of Annual Meeting
The Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP) Annual meeting consists of two days of workshops (Saturday and Sunday) followed by two days of symposia.  There is a half day with proffered paper/posters and a half day of CAP-ACP specific awards lectures.  There are two evenings of special interest group and specialty network meetings.  The overall meeting is under the supervision of the Annual Meetings Committee with subcommittees including the LOC, CPD Committee, CAP-ACP Sections and the CAP-ACP Awards Committee.

The CAP-ACP CPD Committee is responsible for selection of the workshops.  Workshops are renewed if they have received sufficiently positive evaluations from workshop attendees at the Annual Meeting and that have not been offered for their maximum duration.  Retired workshops are replaced by new topics as proposed by practicing pathologists, suggested by workshop participants on their written evaluation forms or by Committee members based on their practice experience, or by more formal needs assessments including the annual membership survey. The LOC is not responsible for organization of workshops, but may be called upon to help (i.e. – locate/arrange microscopes or organize digital imaging for select workshop sessions).

The symposia are overseen by the individual Sections of the CAP-ACP which include the Canadian Society of Cytopathology, Anatomic Pathology, Hematological Pathology, Advanced Diagnostics, Residents Section, Neuropathology, Forensic Pathology, Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology, Education, Patient Safety and Quality Assurance.  The Local Organizing Committee is responsible for organizing the Cam Coady Slide Seminar.  The Pathologists Assistants section holds 1½  day program on Saturday/Sunday.  Registration for the CAP-ACP Annual Meeting is handled through the CAP-ACP Secretariat, Events & Management.

Submitted abstracts for proffered papers and posters are selected by a committee made up of the Chairs of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. The Call for Abstracts is posted in November on the CAP-ACP and Conference websites.  At the time of submission, authors may indicate whether they wish to be considered for the Dr. Donald W. Penner Award, the Hematological Pathology Award, the Dr. Donald Rix Award for Resident Travel, and the Andrew Herzenberg Award.  The LOC is responsible for nominating a technician/technologist in recognition of his/her contribution to continuing professional development in the area of medical laboratory practice.

Award Lectures
The CAP-ACP specific award lectures are based upon recommendations from the membership from which the CAP-ACP Awards Committee selects individuals with outstanding contributions to clinical and research activities within pathology and pathobiology.  The LOC Chair is a member of the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee selects the William Boyd Lecturer and on the recommendations of the CAP-ACP Section of Advanced Diagnostics selects the Junior Scientist Award recipient who also gives a lecture at the Annual Meeting.  The Awards Committee looks for suggestions from the LOC for names of individuals who may be appropriate for these awards, but the ultimate decision lies with the Awards Committee.

2017 LOC Committee

  • Rosemary Henderson (Chair) - Queen Elizabeth Hospital, PE

Prior LOC

2016 LOC Committee:

  • Dr. Martin Trotter (Chair) - St. Paul's Hospital
  • Dr. Diana Ionescu - BC Cancer Agency
  • Dr. Chris Dunham - BC Children's and Women's Hospital
  • Dr. Wei Xiong - St. Paul's Hospital
  • Dr. Michael Seidman - St. Paul's Hospital
  • Dr. Frances Vice - Royal Columbian Hospital
  • Dr. Matt Orde - Vancouver General Hospital
  • Dr. Ema Todorovic - Resident
  • Dr. Tyler Hickey - Resident
  • Ms. Jennifer Yaholnitsky - Pathologists' Assistant

- last updated January 2023 -