Year Created: 2007

Chair: Dr. Emina Torlakovic (Toronto, ON)
Vice-Chair: Dr. Blake Gilks (Vancouver, BC)


CAP-ACP National Standards Committee/Immunohistochemistry was established by the CAP-ACP in 2007 with a task to spearhead standardization in diagnostic immunohistochemistry (IHC) in Canada. The name was subsequently changed to CAP-ACP National Standards Committee for High Complexity Laboratory Testing to include consideration for standardization of other high complexity testing for patient care. At the moment, the IHC branch is referred to as CAP-ACP National Standards Committee for High Complexity Laboratory Testing/Immunohistochemistry (CAP-ACP NSCHCLT/IHC).  The Committee is closely aligned and cooperates with Canadian Immunohistochemistry Quality Control (CIQC), an academic proficiency testing program for IHC which is also associated with the CAP-ACP.

Laboratory standards and their quality assurance (QA), including diagnostic IHC standards and QA, are generally regulated provincially and subsequently, there may be a potential for variation in IHC testing. Therefore, the NSCHCLT/IHC role was to propose national standards that would lead to harmonization of diagnostic IHC on the national level.

Since its inception the NSCHCLT/IHC and CIQC have published several recommendations for diagnostic IHC standardization of testing as well as QA in IHC (see Guidelines) and have reported on the current status and proficiency testing results for many IHC markers.



  • Emina Emilia Torlakovic, MD, PhD, FCAP
  • C. Blake Gilks, MD, FRCPC
  • Christian Couture, MD, MSc, FRCPC
  • Penny Barnes, MD, FRCPC
  • Hala El-Zimaity, MD
  • Gilbert Bigras MD PhD FRCPC
  • Robert Riddell, MD, FRCPath, FRCPC
  • Jagdish Butany, MBBS, MS, FRCPC
  • John Garratt, RT (Cytology)
  • Laurette Geldenhuys, MBBCH, FFPATH, MMED, FRCPC, FIAC, MAEd
  • Carol Cheung, MD, PhD, JD, FRCPC
  • Lisa Manning, MLT, BSc.
  • Adnan Mansoor, MD, FCPS,FRCP(C), FCAP
  • Paul E. Swanson, MD
  • Scott Boerner, MD, FRCPC
  • Alan Spatz, MD
  • Gabor Fischer, MD, PhD
  • Jean Deschenes, MD, FRCPC
  • Victor Tron, MD, FRCPC

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