Terms of Reference

Definition and Purpose

The Publications Committee (the “Committee”) is a standing committee of the Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP).  The purpose of the committee is to oversee and coordinate all publications of the CAP-ACP including the Canadian Journal of Pathology, newsletters and surveys, the Association website and social media accounts.  The Committee will consider value of all publications and communications to the mission of the Association and the benefits to membership and the Canadian pathology community.


  • Vice-President, CAP-ACP (Chair)
  • Editor-in-Chief (EiC), Canadian Journal of Pathology
  • A CAP-ACP Executive Member-at-large (1)
  • Two (2) Ordinary Members of the CAP-ACP, including a member within seven (7) years of their first faculty or staff appointment
  • Resident representative
  • Pathologists’ Assistant representative
  • CAP-ACP Executive Director (non-voting)

Members, with the exception of the EiC, will be appointed by the Chair, in consultation with the Nominations Committee.  All members have two-year terms, renewable once, except for the EiC whose membership is ex officio.


  • Canadian Journal of Pathology (the “Journal”)
    • Set policy for Journal scope and content
    • Assess editorial quality, content, and timeliness of the Journal
    • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors (Executive Committee) related to the needs and adequacy of the Journal
    • Evaluate the performance of the EiC on an annual basis
    • Select a new EiC, as necessary (see EiC Job Description)
    • Advise EiC on the selection of members of the Editorial Board and Associate Editors of the Journal
    • Consult with the EiC to review matters of policy, expenditures, and management of the Journal
    • Approve Journal-related expenditures outside the Journal’s normal operating budget
    • Ensure the Journal is compliant with best practices related to scholarly publishing ethics
    • Assist and advise the EiC in the application process for journal indexing
    • Review suggestions from CAP-ACP membership and the EiC regarding Journal-related issues
    • Assist the Executive Director in selecting a publisher for the journal, including request for proposals, contract negotiations, as necessary
  • Newsletters and Surveys
    • Advise the Board of Directors (Executive Committee) and the Executive Director on publication of newsletters or other communications, including the President’s Newsletter
    • Review the annual CAP-ACP membership survey and advise on content
    • Review requests to the Executive Director for other requested third-party surveys
  • CAP-ACP Website
    • Review website content biannually and make recommendations for keeping content up-to-date
    • Liaise with the Resource Development Chair related to web-site advertising
    • Review website budget annually
    • Evaluate and develop recommendations and oversight for the mypathologist.ca website
  • Social Media
    • Develop and oversee a social media communication strategy
    • Regularly review the CAP-ACP Twitter and Facebook content
    • Employ available tools to measure the impact of CAP-ACP social media accounts


The Committee will meet by tele/videoconference a minimum of three (3) times per year, with additional business carried out at a face-to-face meeting held during the annual meeting. The Chair may convene additional meetings as necessary.

A quorum shall be four (4) voting members.


The Committee will report at least annually to the Board of Directors (Executive Committee) on the contribution of the Association’s publishing towards the Association’s objectives.  An in-person report will be presented by the Chair to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.

  • Terms of Reference

These terms of reference will be reviewed annually.


- last updated October 2019 -