Terms of reference for Scientific Advisory Committee for the CAP-ACP Resident Review Course

Purpose of the committee:

  • To provide advice and support for ongoing improvement and maintenance of the CAP-ACP Resident Review Course.
  • To provide a forum for ideas, feed-back, discussion and recommendations pertaining to issues arising in relation to the course.      

Vision for the Course:

  • To provide a high quality review course for senior residents in preparation for the Canadian Royal College Examinations in Anatomical and General pathology. This review would also be beneficial to practising pathologists (AP & GP) and pathologists  assistants.
  • To be financially sound,
  • All speakers are to be recent Fellows, successful at the Canadian  Royal College examination, or previous Royal College Examiners (per the Royal College AP  Examination Chair, at least 2 years must have passed in order to avoid a conflict of interest).
  • Speakers are to be recognized experts in their field.  Each speakers commitment to the course: 3 years, assuming satisfactory attendee evaluations. Terms may be extended at the discretion of the advisory committee.   


  • Course Co-Directors (2)
  • Course Co-Founders (Dr. Alexopoulou & Dr. Butany)
  • Executive Director
  • 1-3 anatomical pathology speakers
  • 1 or 2 general pathology speakers
  • CAP-ACP Secretary-Treasurer
  • CAP-ACP President 

Terms of Membership:

  • Three years, with possible extension.


Responsibility of Members:

  • All members – participation at meetings, action items as requested.  
  • Co-Chairs - Plan the course, agenda for meetings and review minutes/action items and other necessary details   
  • Association Executive Director – set meeting times, arrange teleconferences, record minutes, provide documents, review minutes with the Co-Chairs prior to distribution, distribute minutes. Follow up with any individuals to whom action items have been delegated.
  • CAP-ACP Secretary-Treasurer – advise on financial issues as required.

Meeting frequency:

  • Meetings will be by teleconference.
  • At least four meetings per year, at the discretion of the Chair.

-updated August 2015-