Year Created: 1975

Chair: Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys (Halifax NS)

Past Chairs:

  • Dr. Guillermo Quinonez (Winnipeg MB) - 2002 to 2008
  • Dr. Harry Letts (Gatineau, QC) - 1975 to 2002

Purpose: The Archives Committee was established for these purposes:

  • To collect, take inventory of and preserve the CAP-ACP archival material to illustrate and display the growth and development of the Association
  • To develop a policy for appropriate disposal of documents
  • To be available, whenever required, to consult with the Officers or Secretariat on past events or policies.

Membership: The Special Archives Committee is composed of:

  • Chair / Association Archivist - one Ordinary or Emeritus member. The Chair is appointed by the Executive Committee for a term of 3 years, renewable. The Chair reports to the Executive Committee.
  • Members - Ordinary or Emeritus members of the Association may be appointed to the Committee by the Chair for 3 year terms, renewable.

Resignations/retirements are staggered to maintain memory within the Committee.


- last updated October 2014 -