Leadership In Education Award
Deadline: Mon, 15 Mar


This award was established in December 2012 at the joint suggestion of the Awards Committee, the Continuing Professional Development Committee and the Pathology Education Section.

To recognize a member of the CAP-ACP who has shown leadership in education in the CAP-ACP.

Award Amount
The "Leadership in Education Award" consists of a plaque inscribed with the name of the award, the date and the name of the recipient. The award is presented during the banquet at the CAP-ACP Annual Meeting

Eligibility Requirements
The recipient shall be a member of the CAP-ACP in good standing, who has made a significant contribution to the CAP-ACP's educational mission.

Application Deadline
01 January of the award year.

Recipients: Presented by:
2019 Dr. Oyedele Adeyi Catherine Streutker
2019 Sara Afraz Catherine Streutker
2018 Dr. Bertha Garcia Dr. Victor Tron
2018 Irene Ma Marcio Gomes
2017 Dr. Marcio Gomes Dr. Victor Tron
2016 Dr. Monalisa Sur Dr. Marcio Gomes
2015 Dr. David Driman Dr. Vina Alexopoulou
2014 Dr. Vina Alexopoulou Dr. Martin Trotter
2013 Dr. Jason Ford Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys
2013 Dr. Jagdish Butany Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys