William Boyd Lectureship
Deadline: Mon, 01 Jan

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This Award was established in 1981 to honour the memory of Dr. William Boyd. The Award recognizes the contribution to Laboratory Medicine of a senior member of the CAP-ACP. The Award recipient delivers the Boyd Lecture at the Annual Meeting and receives an honorarium.

Terms of Reference

  • The Awards Committee seeks recommendations for appropriate recipients for the Award.
  • The Awards Committee recommends the Nominee(s) to the CAP-ACP Executive by the end of the year preceding the Annual Meeting.
  • The Lecturer will present the Annual Boyd Lecture at the Annual Meeting. He/she will be introduced by the President of the CAP-ACP.
  • Expenses will be reimbursed as defined in the financial guidelines of the Association.
  • The Lecturer will receive an honorarium of $750 and a certificate at the time of the Annual Lecture. This will be presented by the CAP-ACP President.
  • The CAP=ACP President and the Secretariat will ensure that any sponsor of this award is fully recognized and receives a follow-up thank you from the CAP-ACP President.

List of William Boyd Lectures

  • 2020 Dr. David Lebrun
  • 2019 Dr. Blake Gilks
  • 2018 Alice Lytwyn
  • 2017 Guillermo Quinonez
  • 2016 Hallgrimur Benediktsson, Calgary, AB "Pathology and the Social Contract – a Personal Perspective"
  • 2015 Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti, London, ON "Diabetic Complications: a Journey Beyond Genes"
  • 2014 Dr. Michael Allard, Vancouver, BC "A Change of Heart: Metabolic Remodelling in Cardiac Hypertrophy"
  • 2013 Dr. David Huntsman, Vancouver, BC "Genomic Disruption of Pathology Research and Care: Time Warp – It’s Our 1850's Moment Again"
  • 2012 Dr. Richard Hegele, Toronto, ON "Going Viral"
  • 2011 Dr. Victor Tron, Kingston, ON “A Role for RNA Interference in Malignant Melanoma”
  • 2010 Dr. Sylvia Asa, Toronto, ON “2020 Vision of Pathology”
  • 2009 Dr. Godfrey Heathcote, Halifax, NS “Ocular Pathobiology: Lessons for Diagnostic Pathology”
  • 2008 Dr. Jane Thomas, Ottawa, ON “The Canadian Reference Centre for Cancer Pathology: A Historical Perspective”
  • 2007 Dr. Avrum I. Gotlieb, Toronto, ON “The Bright Future of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in Canada: The Need for a National Plan”
  • 2006 Dr. Louis Wadsworth, Vancouver, BC “Haematologia Boydiensis, Tunc et Nunc”
  • 2005 Dr. John C. Butt, Vancouver, BC “The Tribulations of Stephen Truscott and Some Questions about Science in Estimating a time of Death”
  • 2004 Dr. Marcel Cadotte, QC “Historique du Cancer: De l’Ère Préhistorique à l’Époque Contemporaine”
  • 2003 Dr. James R. Wright, Jr., Halifax, NS “Pancreatic Islet Xenotransplantation:Fishing for a Cure for Diabetes”
  • 2002 Dr. Kim Solez, Edmonton, AB “Standard Setting, New Technology, and Pathology in the New Millennium”
  • 2001 Dr. Alexander Meisels, Québec, QC “Human Papillomavirus – 25 Years Later”
  • 2000 Dr. Mary Ellen Kirk, London, ON “Borderline Ovarian Tumours: “A Clinicopathological Overview”
  • 1999 Dr. Harry Emson, Saskatoon, SK “Life on the Wrong Side of the Law”
  • 1998 Dr. Alex Ferenczy, Montreal, QC “The Contribution of High Technology to Cervical Cancer”
  • 1997 Dr. Ian Carr, Winnipeg, MB “Blossom in the Dust, Biography in the History of Medicine”
  • 1996 Dr. Malcolm Silver, Toronto, ON “The Evolution of Cardiovascular Pathology in the Past 30 Years”
  • 1995 Dr. G. Tremblay, Montreal, QC “Ductal Breast Carcinoma”
  • 1994 Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Vancouver, BC “Tertiary Clinical Laboratories”
  • 1993 Dr. F. Ghadially, Ottawa, ON “Ultrastructure of G.I. Pigment”
  • 1992 Dr. R. Kisilevsky, Kingston, ON “Amyloid”
  • 1991 Dr. W. M. Thurlbeck, Vancouver, BC “Lessons from Emphysema”
  • 1990 Dr. D. Haust, London, ON “The Arterial Wall in Atherosclerosis”
  • 1989 Dr. A. Ritchie, Toronto, ON “Occupational Lung Disease”
  • 1988 Dr. J. C. Hogg, Vancouver, BC “A Fresh Look at Old Problems”
  • 1987 no winner
  • 1986 Dr. E. Farber, Toronto, ON “The Real World of Pathology”
  • 1985 Dr. S. Hansen, Edmonton, AB “Pathology”
  • 1984 Dr. O. C. MacIntosh, Antigonish, NS “Recollections & Reflections”
  • 1983 Dr. J. L. Bonenfant, Quebec City, QC “The Pathologist – A Borderline Man”
  • 1982 Dr. F. W. Wiglesworth, Vancouver, BC “Historical Reflections”
  • 1981 Dr. J. Barrie, Toronto, ON “William Boyd the Man & the Pathologist”