Distinguished Service Award
Deadline: Mon, 15 Mar


Over the years, the Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP) has honoured a number of Laboratory Physicians through its Awards Program.  A specific award was established in 1992 in order to give recognition to those CAP-ACP members who have contributed significantly to the development of the CAP-ACP as a truly representative association of all laboratory disciplines in Canada.

  1. The Award shall be presented to a member of the CAP-ACP who is resident in Canada as a mark of recognition of outstanding devotion to the development of the Association.
  2. The Award shall usually be presented annually; but if, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, a suitable candidate is not available in any year, the Award shall not be made.
  3. The recipient of this Award shall be recommended to the Executive by the Awards Committee who may seek the advice of Past Officers of the Association, or the members at large.
  4. The Awards Committee shall report its choice to the CAP-ACP Executive in early spring in the year for which the Award is made.
  5. The recipient of the Award is not expected to give an address or present a paper.  The Award and the reading of a citation shall be made at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

2023 Dr. Raymond Maung  
2022 Dr. Monalisa Sur  
2021 Dr. Blake Gilks  
2020 Dr. Emina Torlakovic  
2019 Dr. Martin Trotter  
2018 Dr. Hallgrimur Benediktsson Calgary, AB
2017 Dr. Iakovina Alexopoulou Hamilton, ON
2016 Dr. Bernard Tetu Montreal, QC
2015 Dr. Brian Cummings Kitchener, ON
2014 Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys Halifax, NS
2013 Dr. Diponkar Banerjee Ottawa, ON
2012 Dr. Jagdish Butany Toronto, ON
2011 Dr. Gaynor Williams Winnipeg, MB
2010 Dr. Marie-Laure Brisson Montreal, QC
2009 Dr. Guillermo Quinonez Winnipeg, MB
2008 Dr. Gordon Hoag Victoria, BC
2007 Dr. Fred Alexander Calgary, AB
2006 Dr. Dean Daya Hamilton, ON
2005 Dr. Ali Qizilbash Weston, ON
2004 Dr. Michael McNeely Victoria, BC
2003 Dr. Murray Treloar
(presented at the Montreal 2004 meeting)
Oakville, ON
2002 Dr. Harry Letts Bonnyville AB
2001 Dr. Kenneth Pritzker Toronto, ON
2000 not awarded  
1999 Dr. Richard S. Fraser
(presented at the Ottawa 2000 meeting)
Montreal, QC
1998 not awarded  
1997 not awarded  
1996 not awarded  
1995 Dr. Vincent Bernier Québec City, QC
1994 not awarded  
1993 not awarded  
1992 Dr. Verne Waldorf, Economics & Manpower Chairman Oakville, ON