Medical Technologist/Technician Award for Continuing Professional Development
Deadline: Mon, 15 Mar

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Presented to a Medical Laboratory Technologist/Technician in Pathology (Histology, EM, Genetics, Immunohistochemistry, Cytology) or Hematology, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to continuing professional development in the area of medical laboratory practice.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants working as bench technicians/technologists or supervisors/managers
  • MLTs or MLA/Ts working in the clinical laboratory or research.  
  • Have demonstrated significant contributions to continuing professional development of medical laboratory personnel through one of the following:
    • Instructing CPD courses in their area of expertise
    • Development of CPD programs locally, regionally, nationally or internationally

Application Requirements

  • If the member is working in a clinical laboratory, and the province in which they work is regulated (at the moment that includes Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba), the applicant must obtain a letter of good standing from their regulatory body.
  • The award will be presented to the recipient at the annual meeting of the CAP-ACP.
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae

The CAP-ACP Awards Committee requests the nomination of a local recipient by the Local Organizing Committee for the Annual Meeting of the CAP-ACP

Award Recipients: Presented by:
2019 Cathy Castellano    
2018     No award presented
2017 Charlottetown, PE Carolyn McCarville Dr. Rosemary Henderson
2016 Calgary, AB John Garrat Dr. Martin Trotter
2015 Toronto, ON Vidya Beharry Dr. Jason Karamchandani
2014 Sherbrooke, QC Patrice Bouliane Dr. Nadia Ismiil
2013 Saskatoom, SK Dr. A Stueck Dr. Avrum I Gotlieb
2012 Calgary, AB Luz Stamm Dr. V. Alexopoulou
2011 Vancouver, BC Nadia Gale Dr. L. Geldenhuys
2010 Montreal, QC Heather Barwick Dr. L. Geldenhuys
2009 Dartmouth, NS Joanne M. Beck Dr. J. Butany
2008 Ottawa, ON William Parks Dr. J. Butany
2007 Toronto, ON Wayne Ozanne Dr. J. Butany
2006 St. John’s, NL Sandra B. March Dr. D. Banerjee
2005 Calgary Joanne Luider Dr. D. Cook/Dr. E. Larsen
2004 Montreal Lucie Genest Dr. D. Cook
2004 Montreal Denyse Gauthier Dr. D. Cook
2003 Charlottetown Judy Arbique Dr. S. SenGupta
2002 Calgary (letter opener not presented) Joint Meeting CAP-ACP/CSMLS/CSCC)
2001 St. John Terry Gulliver (no CAP-ACP Representative)
2000 Vancouver Linda Banks (no CAP-ACP Representative)
1999 Toronto Douglas Hill Dr. S. Boerner
1998 Edmonton Dianne Melanchen Dr. L. Jewell
1997 Charlottetown Marietta Hughes and Andrea Dowling Dr. R. Henderson
1996 Winnipeg Anita J. Norric Dr. W. Orr