Lloyd A. Kennedy Pathologists' Assistant Award
Deadline: Mon, 15 Mar


The Pathologists’ Assistant Award was established in 2007 and is provided by the Canadian Association of Pathologists and renamed The Lloyd A. Kennedy Pathologists’ Assistant Award and funded by the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital from 2010 onwards.

This award is given to a Pathologists’ Assistant who is a member (in good standing) of the PA Section of the CAP-ACP in recognition of their outstanding contributions to continuing professional development in the area of medical laboratory practice.

Award entitlements:

  • $150 honorarium
  • speaking engagement (during the PA conference or in the virtual education series - includes travel, accommodations and complimentary PA conference registration)
  • certificate presented to the recipient by the Head of the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Queen’s University or delegate
  • acknowledgement during the CAP-ACP Reception at the annual CAP-ACP conference.

The nomination deadline is March 1st. The Education Committee will send an email to voting PA Section members asking for nominations, will coordinating voting, and will endorse the proposed recipient to the PA Section Executive prior to April 1st.  The PA Section Chair will let the CAP-ACP Awards committee know which PA will receive the award prior to May 1st.

Recipients Presented by
2021 Ian Sue Chue Lam 
Brian Chow
2020 Ryan Healey  
Bill Gorday
Alain Tremblay
2017 Martin Grealish  
2016 Alma Cameron Dr. Sonal Varma
2015 Christopher Horn Dr. Christopher Davidson
2014 Danielle Lee Dr. Martin Trotter
2013 Lance Fuczek Dr. Vincent. Bernier
2012 Michael Graves Dr. Jim. Wright
2011 Alan Wolff Dr. Victor. Tron
2010 Susan Cromwell Dr. Victor. Tron
2009 Lloyd Kennedy Dr. Jagdish. Butany
2008 Sarah James Dr. D. Cook