President's Award
Deadline: Thu, 01 Mar

The first annual Canadian Association of Pathologists’ President’s Award was established in 2007.  The award will be presented at the annual meeting of the CAP-ACP.

The criteria for the award consists of:

  • Long service
  • Sustained service of an exceptional order to the Canadian Association of Pathologists in whatever capacity, by an individual, member or non-member, a physician or non-physician
  • The awardee will be chosen by the President or nominated by the Awards Committee for the President’s acceptance

Recipients: Presented by:
2021   Not issued Dr. Cathy Ross, President
2020   Not issued Dr. Cathy Ross, President
2019   Danielle Lee Dr. Rosemary Henderson, President
2018   Pamela Lyons Dr. Rosemary Henderson, President
2017   Dr. Bruce Burns Dr. Victor Tron, President
2016 Vancouver Dr. Martin Trotter Dr. Victor Tron, President
2015 Montreal Dr. Raymond Maung Dr. Martin Trotter, President
2014 Toronto Dr. John Srigley Dr. Martin Trotter, President
2013 Toronto Dr. Avrum I Gotlieb Dr. Vina Alexopoulou, President
2012 Calgary Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys Dr. Vina Alexopoulou, President
2011 Vancouver Dr. Brian Cummings Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys, President
2010 Montreal Dr. Jagdish Butany Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys, President
2009 Halifax Dr. Murray Treloar Dr. Jagdish Butany, President
2008 Ottawa Dr. Donald Cook Dr. Jagdish Butany, President 
2007 Toronto Danièle Saintonge, (Past Association Manager) Dr. Jagdish Butany, President