Year Created: 1990

Chair:  Dr. Cathy Ross

Purpose:  This Committee is responsible for the timely coordination and upgrading of the CAP-ACP Awards program as indicated in the Awards Manual.


  • Immediate Past-President of the CAP-ACP (Chair) - Catherine Ross
  • Chair of the Annual Meetings Committee - Catherine Streutker
  • Chair (or representative) of the Local Organizing Committee for the next Annual Meeting - Penny Barnes
  • Chair of the Resource Development Committee - Mary Kinloch
  • Chair (or representative) of the Section of Advanced Diagnostics - George Yousef
  • Members At Large -  Jefferson Terry, Jason Karamchandani
  • Pathologist Assistant - Sarah James
  • President (ex officio) - Matthew Cesari

Terms of Reference:
The Awards Committee, in consultation with the CAP-ACP Executive, Council, Annual Meetings Committee and the membership at large is responsible for recommending candidates for the various CAP-ACP awards.

  1. is responsible for ensuring that a protocol for each award is documented in the Awards Manual.
  2. will ensure that the protocol for each award is followed.
  3. will review the Awards Manual each year and recommend any changes to the CAP-ACP Executive.  The Awards Manual, protocols and the annual budget for awards shall be approved by the Executive.
  4. may be asked to submit nominations for Awards to other Societies as requested.

Past Award Recipients

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