Call for Expressions of Interest - CJP Copy Editor
Thu, 24 Oct 2019

Copy Editor

As part of the editorial team, the copy editor plays a major role in producing an error-free publication.  Once a paper is accepted by the Editor-in-Chief for publication, the role of the copy editor is to improve the clarity, coherence, consistency, and correctness of the manuscript.  Final proofreading of the manuscript galley proof will be undertaken by the publisher.  The copy editor will review/edit approximately 20-30 articles per year, of varying lengths.

Specific functions of the copy editor are:

  1. Edit the manuscript so that it is consistent with the style requirements of the Canadian Journal of Pathology, for example:
    • Units of measurement
    • Use of CSE (Council of Scientific Editors) citation sequence system (superscripted numbers are inserted at the point of reference, sequentially numbered in the order in which they first appear)
    • Preferred use of Canadian/British spelling
    • Appropriate and correctly formatted manuscript section headings
    • Compliance with reference style guidelines (if extensive revision needed, then manuscript should be returned to author to complete)
  2. “Mechanical” edit for appropriate spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, punctuation, and use/definition of abbreviations
  3. Check the authors’ affiliations for consistency of department names, hospital sites, etc.
  4. Ensure all acknowledgements, financial disclosures and conflict of interest information is included in the manuscript
  5. Confirm that reference to Figures and Tables within the text are correct
  6. Review of Figures and Tables, to confirm that:
    • Figure/Table titles and legend match the actual Figure/Table
    • Figure panel identifiers and arrows, markers, etc. are clearly visible and referenced properly in the legend

The copy editor is responsible to the Editor-in-Chief and works closely with the Publishing Editor and team.  All work is performed online through PowerReview, a secure manuscript review website.


One of the following:
Medical degree
Master’s degree in a relevant field (e.g. Pathology Assistant)
Ph.D. or equivalent in a relevant field e.g. experimental pathology
Pathology and laboratory medicine experience preferred, especially anatomical pathology, molecular diagnostics, bioinformatics/statistics.
Experience as a peer-reviewer of scientific publications and/or grant writing/review

Knowledge of principles of pathology and laboratory medicine
Familiarity with diagnostic pathology
Diligence, meticulousness and attention to detail
Ability to work as part of an editorial team
Ability to work independently
Strong communication skills, especially in written form

This is a volunteer position with the CAP-ACP.  An annual honorarium is provided by the Association.  The role is recognized within the Table of Contents page of the Journal.

Deadline December 1, 2019

Send interest to:

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