1968 Dr. Herb Fidler Vancouver
1978 Dr. David Kulcsar Montreal
1981 Dr. Alice Gray Toronto
  Dr. Rod Ross Toronto
  Dr. Don Penner Winnipeg
1987 Dr. D.A. Boyes Vancouver
1998 Dr. Jean LeRiche Vancouver
  Dr. Michael Lipa Toronto
2000 Dr. Maria Paraskevas Winnipeg
2002 Dr. Vicky Chen Hamilton
  Dr. Gia-Khanh Nguyen Edmonton
2005 Dr. Yvan Bedard Québec
  Dr. Hossein Yazdi Ottawa
2011 Dr. Kenneth Suen Vancouver
  Laurie MacDonald Ottawa


Note: The CAP-ACP gave Honorary Memberships to the following who could be construed as "Cytologists" in every sense of the word.

1972 Dr. Herb Fidler Vancouver
1976 Dr. Joe Josephson Newfoundland
1978 Dr. Don Penner Winnipeg
1993 Dr. Frank McElligott Kingston



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