In 1960, the Pan-American Cancer Cytology Society established a Canadian National Advisory Committee composed of Drs. Jean H. Darche and David Kulcsar of Montreal. However, the Canadian group decided to withdraw their connection from the parent body and approached the CAP Executive for support in founding an independent Canadian Cytology Society. This prompted the Canadian Association of Pathologists to establish a special committee on cytology in May 1960. The members were Drs. John Penistan of Stratford, Ontario, H. Fidler of Vancouver, Don Penner and Don Thompson of Toronto. The Committee considered the entire matter and also conducted a survey to ascertain the extent of cytology services available in Canada, demand for extension of the services and names of the providers. The recommendations of the Committee, presented at the 1961 Annual CAP Meeting in Montreal suggested that the CAP develop and sponsor a Section of Cytology, to include members of other medical specialties concerned with cytologic diagnosis and encourage development and expansion of training facilities for cytologic technologists as well as pathologists.

Coincident with the survey, the CAP Executive corresponded with individuals and groups interested in forming an independent society of cytology and proposed to them the desirability of establishing such a society within the CAP. Members of the Executive - H. Pritzker, D. Penner and F. Wiglesworth with M. Klotz met with Drs. D. Kulcsar, J. Latour, H. Freedman and J. Darche in Montreal in May 1961 to further explore this proposition. This included defining the eligibility for membership of non-pathologists, describing the representation of the proposed Section to Council of the CAP and recommending an appropriate title, which was to be the Canadian Cytology Council (CCC).

Council of the CAP in June of 1961 accepted the recommendations and developed another Committee composed of Drs. Penistan, Darche, Kulcsar, Klotz and Freedman to draft preliminary bylaws and to function as a Nominating Committee. Invitations were extended to pathologists and clinicians to attend and organizational meeting in conjunction with the Ontario Association of Pathologists’ meeting at Prudhomme’s Garden Centre in Vineland, Ontario near St.Catherine’s on October 21, 1961. Thirty-seven interested cytology experts attended the meeting and numerous others supported the new Section by mail, telegram and telephone. The fact that the cytologists did not form an independent body was due in part to the influence and insistence of Dr. Alex Meisels of Quebec City. The first officers of the CCC elected were Dr. Penistan, Chairman, Dr. Darche, Vice Chairman and the Secretary, Dr. Kulcsar. Annual dues were set at $10. The first regular scientific meeting of the fledgling Section took place in Winnipeg in conjunction with the Annual CAP Meeting in June, 1962.

Dr. Kulcsar produced the first CCC NEWSLETTER in January 1962 and continued to act as editor for many years. Subsequent Secretaries took on the role of editor. In 1983, the CSC BULLETIN was usually published three times annually. Another national cytology survey was undertaken by the CSC Executive and results reported to the AGM in June, 1963. With the assistance of provincial advisors, such surveys were to be repeated every two years and two appeared in a Canadian medical journal in 1966 and 1969. In May of 1962, there were 166 members and by 1992, this number had drown to 336, including affiliate members, a category developed in 1964 to allow medical technologists to join.

The Cytology Council changed its name in 1962 to the Canadian Society of Cytology (CSC). In addition to sophisticated annual scientific meetings and regular cytology surveys, the Society over the years has provided advice on a wide variety of subjects to its parent CAP Council, since

1971 to the Inter-Society of Laboratory medicine, as well as the Royal College and the CMA. It has contributed to the development of appropriate workload units in cytology, to the production of the Guide for Training in General Pathology and contributed and responded to the 1976, 1982 and 1989 Federal Task force Reports on Screening for Cervical Cancer. The Society has also been active in the development of cytotechnology training programs across Canada. In 1977, the CSC logo was established, the original design coming from the Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario.

In 1978, initiated and generously supported by Dr. Kulcsar, the CSC developed a Trust Fund which in 1980 was recognized as a charitable foundation to promote and provide support for educational endeavors in Cytology. In 1978, the first Guidelines for the Establishment of Quality Assurance Program in Cytology were developed. In 1989, an upgraded bilingual version was published. In 1990, the first David Kulcsar Lecture was given by Dr. A. Ferenczy of Montreal to honour the man whose efforts played such an important role in founding and developing the Society. As is true with most societies and associations, many of the original founders would eventually move up to executive positions in the Society, some achieving this distinction on more than one occasion. In 1991, Dr. George Anderson of Vancouver again became President.


  1. Organizational meeting and first Cytology survey, Vineland, Ontario, October 1961.
  2. First regular meeting of Canadian Cytology Council (CCC), a Section of the CAP, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June, 1962. Dr. John Penistan of Stratford first Chair.
  3. First CCC Newsletter, January, 1962. Dr. David Kulcsar first Editor.
  4. CCC becomes CSC (Canadian Society of Cytology) 1968.
  5. 1963 Second National Survey of Cytology Services organized by Dr. D.W. Thompson of Toronto.
  6. 1971 CSC becomes a member of the Intersociety Council of Laboratory Medicine of Canada.
  7. 1972 first CAP/CSC Directory produced.
  8. 1977 CSC logo developed.
  9. 1978 David Kulcsar Trust Fund established and in 1980, recognized as a charitable foundation.
  10. 1978 Guidelines for Establishment of QA Programs in Cytology developed, and upgraded in 1989 with bilingual version.
  11. 1983 International Congress of Cytology in Montreal (CSC co-hosts) co-directed by Dr. Alex Meisels, Quebec.
  12. 1983 first CSC Bulletin. Dr. Roger Amy, Edmonton, Editor from 1983-1987 and Dr. Vicky Chen, Hamilton, Editor from 1988-1994.
  13. 1990 David Kulcsar Lecture Series established. Dr. A. Ferenczy of Montreal delivered the first lecture at St.Johns.
  14. 1990 Dr. George Anderson of Vancouver becomes President for the second time, having also served as Secretary for two separate terms.
  15. 1990 CSC Award established for the best papers/posters by a Pathology resident and by a Cytotechnologist.
  16. 1994 CSC Award renamed the "Hugh Curry Award".

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