I am honoured to serve as the first Executive Director of CAP-ACP; it is a privilege to be associated with an organization that, for over 67 years, has been the national voice for promoting excellence in pathology and laboratory medicine practice, education and research across Canada.

With an excellent Executive that is firmly committed to CAP-ACP’s mission, a highly professional and dedicated staff, an array of outstanding organizations with whom we cooperate, and our affiliation with special interest groups, CAP-ACP is well-positioned to face the challenges that lie ahead.

CAP-ACP will, moving forward, retain its traditional focus but we will also seek to strengthen the Association's affiliations with Provincial and International organizations, restructure the annual meeting in order to apply Competency-based medical education (CBME) principles to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) curricular design (including practice performance assessment) and implement member recruitment and retention strategies in order to ensure a positive return on investment (ROI) for the association and its members.

I am have thoroughly enjoyed my role with the CAP-ACP the past three years. As someone whose life course has been charted, to an important degree, by academic opportunities, including my certification as a Certified Association Executive (CAE), I am convinced that the empowerment of societies is measured by the strength of all its members.

I am a firm believer in team work and delegating to those who excel at specific tasks. I am, as a result, proud to re-introduce the full CAP-ACP National Office team to you: Pamela Lyons, Conference Manager (Vice President EM+), Lisa Baker, Executive Assistant (Membership, Conference Registrar, Website Administrator) Meredith Slack, Executive Assistant (Resident Review Course Coordinator, Presidential Assistant, Conference Assistant). In addition to the front-line team, there are also staff who work behind the scenes to ensure that all of the association's needs are met: Qin Fan, Irene Guo, Donna Bell andMegan Lyons. As you can see, we have a strong team to ensure that CAP-ACP reaches its goals, provides excellent membership service, and achieves the highest possible level of success.

Well, that's all fine and good but you may be asking yourself, “Who IS Heather Dow, the new Executive Director?”

I have extensive experience in the role as Executive Director and Conference Manager in professional medical not-for-profit Associations nationally and internationally. I have been involved with Not-for-Profits and Charities for over 20 years with a large portion of that activity directed towards member recruitment and retention, by-laws and governance, policies and guidelines, advocacy, financial management and communication.

In my spare time I can be found hacking through the fields on my Tennessee Walking Horses (Georgie), racing the tracks for autocross or lapping at Shannonville, Mt Tremblant, or Calabogie, touring our great country on my 1100cc Honda Shadow, Highland Dancing wherever the bagpipes sound, watching the sun rise or set at our cottage on the lake in Arden, or my favorite pastime, enjoying time with my family and four teenage children. That's me in a nutshell.

I look forward to see you all in PEI!

- last updated November 2016 -