Year Created: 1990


Chair:   Dr. Catherine Ross (Hamilton, ON)


  • Dr. Marciano Reis (Toronto, ON)
  • Dr. Gaynor Williams (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Dr. Brian Sheridan (Toronto, ON)
  • Dr. Louis Wadsworth (Vancouver, BC)
  • Dr. Carmen Morales (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Dr. Brian Berry (Victoria, BC)
  • Dr. Calvino Cheng (Halifax, NS)


  • To create national and regional opportunities for the presentation and discussion of research and development in Hematological Pathology and allied fields.
  • To promote the educational and academic aspects of Hematological Pathology
  • To facilitate the exchange of views and information between members.
  • To foster the highest standards in education, research and practice of Hematological Pathology throughout Canada.
  • To act as an advisory body to the CAP-ACP Executive on matters pertaining to Hematological Pathology. 
  • To operate within the framework of the purposes, objects and aims of the CAP-ACP.

Qualifications for Membership:
Membership in the section shall be available to any member of the Canadian Association of Pathologists regardless of their class of membership provided they have expressed an interest in Hematological Pathology.



Specialty Training Requirements in Hematological Pathology 

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