Year Created: 1950

Purpose: This Committee is responsible for monitoring and fostering the growth of the CAP-ACP membership.

Chair: Vacant


  • Eastern Representative: Vacant
  • Central Representative:   Vacant
  • Western Representative: Dr. Martin Trotter (Calgary, AB)
  • Resident Representative: Dr. Diana Salagean (Toronto, ON)
  • CAP-ACP Secretariat: Ms. Heather Dow (Kingston, ON)

From the CAP-ACP By-laws:

  • Any application to become an Ordinary, Associate, Corresponding, Junior, or Corporate Member, or request for a change of membership category shall be made in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association, who shall forward the application to the Membership Committee Chair.
  • The Membership Committee Chair shall be an ordinary member in good standing, appointed by the Executive for a three (3 ) year renewable term. The Membership Committee Chair shall review all applications.
  • The Chair shall be empowered to approve all applications, if in order, for Ordinary, Corresponding, Associate, Junior or Corporate membership (on an interim basis until ratified at the next Annual General Meeting). At the Chair’s discretion, applications may be referred to the Executive Committee for final arbitration.


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