Year Created:  2007

Chair: Jason Karamchandani

Purpose of the Section of Neuropathology: the following roles for the section are proposed:

  1. Foster and develop good communication amongst all pathologists and pathology residents with an interest in Neuropathology.
  2. Facilitate communication between the Executive of the CAP-ACP and the CANP.
  3. Advise the Executive of the CAP-ACP concerning issues of current and future relevance to the practice of Neuropathology.
  4. Participate in the annual meeting of the CAP-ACP, including attendance and representation at relevant scientific symposia and executive meetings.

Proposed Executive structure of the Section of Neuropathology:

  • The executive of the Section will comprise: Chair, Vice-Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Secretary, member(s) at large. Advancement within the section executive will generally be from Secretary to Vice-Chair, then Chair.
  • Terms of membership will be for two years.
  • Membership of the Section Executive will be restricted to those pathologists working effectively as full-time Neuropathologists.
  • Membership of the section is open to any member of the CAP-ACP with an interest in Neuropathology.
  • Ratification of the executive of the section, and nominations for membership, will be undertaken at the annual general meeting of the CAP-ACP.

Founding members of the proposed Section of Neuropathology:

  • Roland Auer
  • Katarina Dorovini-Zis
  • Peter Gould
  • Robert Hammond
  • Robert MacAulay
  • Ian McKenzie
  • John Maguire
  • Jean Michaud
  • Wayne Moore
  • David Munoz
  • John Provias
  • Yves Robitaille

This Section will work with the CAP-ACP Executive to identify and advise regarding important issues pertaining to Neuropathology, facilitate communication and inter-organizational relations between the CANP and the CAP-ACP, and foster and develop communication between all pathologists with an interest in Neuropathology in Canada. The Section of Neuropathologists is a valuable link between the CANP and CAP-ACP and will consolidate communication and interaction between all Pathologists in Canada with an interest in Neuropathology.

Neuropathology is a complex specialty dealing with diseases and disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems, and skeletal muscle, affecting adults and children. Until recently, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) recognized Neuropathology as a distinct specialty. There is a spectrum of individuals providing diagnostic neuropathologic services in Canada: this ranges from specialists certified in Neuropathology, working predominantly in university tertiary or quaternary care institutions, to Anatomic and General Pathologists with varying degrees of expertise in diagnostic neuropathology, usually providing diagnostic support in smaller centres.

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