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Founded in 2007, the Pathologists' Assistant Section of the Canadian Association of Pathologists-Association canadienne des pathologistes (PA Section of the CAP-ACP) is the national Pathologists' Assistant professional organization in Canada. The section is within the umbrella of the Canadian Association of Pathologists and the chair of the PA Section sits on, and participates in, the CAP-ACP Executive Committee. The PA Section of the CAP-ACP is committed to advocating for its membership on a national and international level. The PA Section of the CAP-ACP is also responsible for organizing continuing education opportunities for Pathologists' Assistants which can be used for maintenance of certification with PA certifying bodies.

For information on CCCPA certification, visit Note that the CCCPA operates under the umbrella of the CAP-ACP NOT the PA Section.

- last updated February 2021 -