Training Residents in Genomics (TRIG) Working Group
Mon, 01 Mar 2021

The Training Residents in Genomics (TRIG) Working Group is pleased to announce the release of updated online modules!  With COVID-19 necessitating use of more remote learning opportunities, these modules provide an enjoyable educational experience that successfully translates the in-person team-based learning workshop to an interactive virtual environment.  They are not only a great learning resource for residents but for any healthcare provider interested in genomic medicine.  

The original modules, released in 2016, were shown, in a study at 10 pathology training programs, to significantly improve genomics knowledge and the ability to utilize online genomics tools (Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2019; 143: 513).  The current version has been updated to include the new cases, variants and websites in the latest (2019) version of the TRIG curriculum.

We would also like to let you know that the Undergraduate Training in Genomics (UTRIG) Working Group has just released the Medical Student Genomic Workshop Instructor Handbook and Toolkit.  This resource provides the materials and guidance needed to implement a flexible, modular, field-tested introductory genomics curriculum designed for integration into medical or other health professional school coursework.  

All these materials are free after a brief registration process.  Please visit the TRIG website to download!

TRIG and UTRIG are Working Groups of the Association of Pathology Chairs and made up of experts in medical education, pathology and genomics.  Development was possible through an R25 grant from the National Cancer Institute.