Year Created: 2009
The Section of Patient Safety and Quality Assurance held its inaugural meeting on 12 July 2010, at the CAP-ACP Annual Meeting in Montreal, QC.


  • Chair: Dr. Monalisa Sur (Hamilton, ON)
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Virginia Walley (Toronto, ON)
  • Past Chair: Dr. Catherine Ross (Hamilton, ON)
  • Secretary: Dr Alice Lytwyn


  • Dr. Bernard Têtu (Quebec City, QC)
  • Dr. Raymond Maung (Kamloops, BC)
  • CAP-ACP President, Ex-Officio


Members shall be members or associates in good standing of the CAP-ACP, who have an interest in patient safety and quality assurance as they relate to Pathology.
The Section includes:



2011 PSQA Symposium

  • Errors in Cancer diagnosis Involving Pathologists: Is It all About Slide Reading Skills? - Hardeep Singh
  • Organizational Culture for Patient Safety - Ron Westrum
  • Reporting and Responding to Adverse Events Triggered by Errors in the Clinical Laboratory - E. Douglas Bell

2010 PSQA Symposium

  • Error Reduction and Prevention ini Surgical Pathology - Raouf Nakhleh
  • The Role of Histopathology EQA Schemes in Revalidation / Recertification - Raymond McMahon
  • Change in Management of Medicine - Jared Schwartz
  • Future of Cytopathology - Mark Stoler

2010 PSQA Summit

  • The US Approach to Quality Assurance in Surgical Pathology - Raouf Nakhleh
  • An Overview of UK EQA Histopathology Schemes - Raymond McMahon
  • Laboratory Quality Indicators: Results of a National Survey of CAP Members, June 2010 - Diponkar Banerjee
  • Global Plan of Quality-Assurance in Anatomic Pathology in Québec - Bernard Têtu
  • QA: The View from the East: Professional Interpretaion and its Quality Management - an Ontario Perspective - Terence Colgan 

Documents Developed:

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Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Award:
Award Terms of Reference

Past Executive: 2015-17
Chair: Dr. Catherine Ross (Hamilton, ON)
Vice Chair: Dr. Monalisa Sur (Hamilton, ON)
Past Chair: Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys (Halifax, NS)
Secretary: Dr. Virginia Walley (Toronto, ON)
Dr. Bernard Têtu (Quebec City, QC)
Dr. Raymond Maung (Kamloops, BC)
CAP-ACP President, Ex-Officio: Dr. Martin Trotter (Calgary, AB)

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