Year Created: 2009

Chair: Dr. Raymond Maung (Kamloops, BC)


Recently, the Professional Affairs Committee has been amalgamated into the Workload and Workforce committee and to reflect this has been renamed “Workload and Human Resources Committee.


The committee will facilitate planning of the appropriate workforce to meet the clinical, academic and administrative needs in an institution. The committee will regularly update the CAP-ACP workload model to keep it current. The committee based the basic workload framework on the Level 4 Equivalent (L4E) unit.  The L4E value takes into consideration the average time needed to complete the case, medical value to the clinicians and patients, clinical urgency, degree of difficulty and medico-legal responsibility.

Human Resources

  • To maintain a register of laboratory physician remuneration and manpower
  • To monitor patterns and analyze trends and policies regarding laboratory physician remuneration and manpower
  • To provide economic information for members for negotiations

The committee members will include pathologists from all 10 provinces plus 2 representatives from the residents.

Workload and Human Resources committee members Pediatric Pathology working group
Dr. Aaron Pollett (ON) Dr. Camelia Stefanovici (Winnipeg)
Dr. Badia Issa-Chergui (QC) Dr. Dina El Demellawy (Ottawa)
Dr. Carol Cheung (ON) Dr. Elizabeth Nizalik (Ottawa)
Dr. Catherine Ross (ON) Dr. Fergall Magee (Saskatoon)
Dr. Christine Orr (Resident - Queens) Dr. Gino Somers (Toronto)
Dr. Emilie Perron (QC) Dr. Jefferson Terry (Vancouver)
Dr. Erin MacQuarrie(PEI) Dr. Jim Wright (Calgary) - organizer
Dr. Esther Ravinsky (MB) Dr. Kyle Kurek (Calgary)
Dr. Gabor Fischer (MB) Dr. Luc Oligny (Montreal)
Dr. Henny Rees (SA) Dr. Marie-Anne Brundler (Calgary)
Dr. Khurram Sher (QC) Dr. Robert Fraser (Halifax)
Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys (NS) Dr. Suzanne Chan (Edmonton)
Dr. Michael Allard (BC)  
Dr. Michael Bonert (ON)
Dr. Raymond Maung (BC) - Chair
Dr. Ronald Angeles (SA)
Dr. Angela Tate (NL)
Dr. Sen Yan (NB)
Dr. Todd Chaba(AB)
Dr. Yasser Elgohary (ON)
Hematopathology Working Group Advance Diagnositics Working Group
Dr. Adnan Mansoor (Alberta) Dr. Adrian Box (Calgary)
Dr. Carlo V. Hojilla (Ontario) Dr. Bryan Lo (Ottawa)
Dr. Catherine Ross (Ontario) Dr. Christopher Howlett (London Health Sciences)
Dr. Donna Ledingham (Saskatchewan) Dr. Cynthia Hawkins (sick kids toronto)
Dr. Meer-Taher Shabani-Rad (Alberta) Dr. Deepu Alex  (BCCA)
Dr. Muhamad Sadek Almiski (Manitoba) Dr. George Yousef (Toronto Sick Kids)
Dr. Oluyomi Ajise (Quebec) Dr. Iyare Izevbaye (University of Alberta)
Dr. Raymond Maung (BC) - facilitator  Dr. John DeCoteau (Saskatoon)
Dr. Ruth Padmore (Ontario) Dr. Kelly Dakin Hache (Halifax)
Dr. Tina Haliotis (Quebec) Dr. Kyle Kurek (Calgary) - Peds
  Dr. Margaret Redpath (McGill)
Dr. Michael Carter (Halifax)
Dr. Patrice Desmeules (University of Laval, Quebec)
Dr. Paul Park (Winnipeg)
Dr. Raymond Maung (Royal Inland Hospital, BC) Organizer
Dr. Sophie Camilleri-broet (McGill)
Dr. Stephen Yip (Vancouver General)




  • Solicit comments from pathologists and other interested parties. These are to be directed to the chair or any member of the committee, preferably in written form.
  • The committee will update the workload model every 3-5 years based on
    • Comments from pathologists and other interested parties
    • Review of the literature
    • Other workload models – working or proposed models
    • Current clinical and quality assurance standards and practice
  • Regular survey of Pathologists’ income
  • Regular environmental scan of the pathology human resources nationally and provincially.



- last updated July 2022 -